A word or two from Dennis

 I’d like to say a few words about the power of written communication and the humble letter or more precisely I wish to show you a few words. 

These images are of two postcards sent by my grandmother Florence, then living near Sheffield England to my grandfather, Arnold who was then training for military service at Seaton Delaval in Northumberland. It was late 2017 and my mother Gladys had been recently born. 

Shortly after receiving these postcards he returned home for a short visit before he was sent to serve in France where he soon became a prisoner of war. It was at this time his second daughter Marge my oldest aunt was born. These two cards were sent from France before his capture. 

At this point he had only seen his daughter, my Mother once for the short period before his posting and my aunt was then borne when he was overseas. 

He survived his capture and returned home after the end of the first World War. He got to meet his second daughter and returned to work in a local coal mine. There after two or three days back at work, he was killed in a rock fall. 

Now over 100 years later these postcards are among the few physical reminders of my family from that time and carry as much meaning for me now as they did for my grandparents over 100 years ago.

To me this illustrates the power of the written word. Its connects us to the hand that wrote it. .

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